Hunter's Moon

"The inspiration for the new campaign is the Moon as a natural satellite of the earth and its changes that have always attracted people and stimulated the imagination. Many believe in its magical powers that affect us and nature, around which legends and stories are made. These are exactly the characteristics of women who wear Maks, they are powerful and elegant ",. The collection brings some avant-garde pieces that will flatter your personal fashion game, make you feel safe and ready to face and communicate with the world.this winter in timeless ideas are given for the adventurous hearts of women who will breathe life into them, because fashion is an expression of our inner soul.
Woolen coats gently hug and warm, sophisticated dresses make seductively soft silhouettes, shirts that will make even ordinary jeans special, and hand-knitted sweaters and scarves perfectly round off any styling. this pieces with their calm elegance and seductiveness offer an alternative to fast fashion. They are timeless and wearable, you will be happy to keep them because they will complement your wardrobe for years.

Powerful photographs are signature of Šime Eškinja, evoking the magic of the moon's changes woven into our femininity and emotions, exactly the one we express through dressing